Yoga practice and gong concert.

Feel the atmosphere of the getaways at Komierowo Palace.

To everyone who would like to take care of their energy and balance we propose a Yoga Live session straight from Komierowo Palace. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience a yoga session and pranayama with Jimmy, as well as bathing in gongs with Dana from Alchemia Dźwięku. All you need is a computer, Internet, an exercise mat, and an hour and a half of free time. To fully experience the beneficial effects of gongs, useful will also be good speakers, enabling you to truly immerse yourself in the gong bath.

If you are to pamper yourself then only in this manner. The effect of the practice will go beyond your wildest expectations. You will relieve your mind and mildly stimulate your body, thanks to which you will dispose of tensions caused by stress. You will feel more life energy, and you will sleep better. You will improve your mood and will face all your fears with ease. Nothing will be able to taint your calm. You will simply regain your balance.


We also suggest to begin each session with an intention. Prepare a pen and paper to write this intention down (as well as any other thoughts which will appear in your mind during the session). Get in touch with what is important to you and with what you need. If you are looking for an answer to any questions you may have, there is a good chance that after a one and a half hour practice you will know the answers. You will regain contact with yourself and will not have doubts as to what your heart desires. You will open a space for change within. Allow yourself to take this journey and the energy and sense of internal balance will naturally appear in your life.

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