Yoga is not only an amazing way to achieve a flexible and bendy body, it is also an entire system leading toward a return to harmony, supporting the functioning of both body and mind. It enhances internal calm, helps to stop your mind racing, to really be here and now. Yoga reduces stress and its negative influence on the body. It strengthens the and elongates the muscles and stimulates internal organs to function even better. It creates lightness – in body and mind.


Especially for all the fans of the Yoga Retreatment getaways, we have created an Energy and Balance online course, filmed in the yoga toom at Komierowo Palace. This is a unique opportunity to experience the beneficial practice presented by the Yoga Retreatment teacher – Jimmy Sarubhan – from the comfort of your own home. All you need is Internet access, some free floor space to spread your mat out on, and some free time. In addition, we created our films in such a way so that even beginners can follow the yoga path step by step. Jimmy explains each asana in detail, in the case of more complicated asanas, presenting different variants depending on skill level.

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As part of the course you will find yoga sessions which will give you energy and allow you to return to an internal balance, without fail. You can choose them with regard to the needs of the given day or the time you have to spare. You will find both short, fifteen-minute sequences, which are great when you find it difficult to find the time to practice, wide-scope training sessions, as well as those focused on specific bodily needs. Together with Jimmy, you will become acquainted with ancient breathing techniques, pranayama, yamas, which are worth including in everyday self-care rituals – bringing calm or adding energy, harmonising the activity of both brain hemispheres, also having a great influence on lung function, which is not without significance during the pandemic.

We can bet that already after a few sessions at least one (if not all!) new qualities will appear in your life – deeper sleep, better body awareness, an ocean of internal peace, and a greater zeal for undertaking daily tasks. Simply – Energy and balance.

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