Ultimate Comfort Cashmere Blanket Grey-Blue

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One of the most cosy gifts you can give yourself to make you feel good. Cashmere is considered to be the most luxurious yarn in the world for good reason – it is super-soft, very warm, and is not scratchy like wool. Perfect for wrapping yourself in on long winter evenings to sit down with a book, to watch TV, or at the end of a yoga practice during shavasana. Our blanket is light and not too large, so you can also take it with you when travelling as not sacrifice on uncompromising comfort in any situation. Available in two colours, grey-blue and grey-gold, the Ultimate Comfort Cashmere Blanket is simply a beautiful everyday object.

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  • made from the most noble of yarns – 100 % cashmere
  • herringbone weave
  • Italian fabric
  • fleshy and soft to the touch, not scratchy
  • very warm, wonderfully cosy
  • light and not too large – perfect when travelling
  • two colour variants: grey-blue and grey-gold


Size: 150×120 cm


Fabric content: 100% cashmere, weave: herringbone


Care instructions:

Wash in the washing machine using the gentlest hand washing program and a laundry liquid for delicate fabrics.

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