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We believe that Precious Stones have power. They are the creations of Nature – a power greater and mightier than man, still undiscovered and surprising. For thousands of years people have believed in the magical and healing powers of stones. Priests of Babylon and ancient Egypt, Greek and Roman scholars and philosophers had studied them. Great importance is assigned to precious stones by Vedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Today, many mysteries of such stones have been clarified and gained scientific explanation. There is even a unique field of study devoted to the subject – lithotherapy deals specifically with stones and their influence on the human body.

Stone dimensions (alike for each pendant): 15x 20 mm, chain length 50 cm, 14K gold.

Available stones and their weight: amethyst (3,500 g), rose quartz (3,280g), smoky quartz (3,350 g), moonstone (3,400g), labradorite (3,320g).

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We believe that stones have power, and as such, the closer they are to the body the better. The chains of My Medallions are 52 cm long, so that the stones hangs precisely in the centre of our body when worn, at the level of the solar plexus. We propose such a placement as this is a very strong energy centre, not to mention the fact that an intricately cut stone suspended on a long chain looks very elegant and suits practically every style.

We offer two remarkable My Medallion models: Classic Oval and a Faceted TearDrop. Both models are cut by hand but with the use of differing technologies.
Their settings are available in gold (14K gold) or sterling gold, i.e., gold-plated silver.
Oval My Medallions are 18 x 13 mm classic oval stones, not too large, so as not to be overwhelming, and not too small, so that their reading and effects be clear. This model is a tribute to the pure beauty of Nature.
TearDrop My Medallions measure 20 x 15 mm. They are faceted stones, very decorative and incredibly precious. They are created on the base of a wax mould, set in 14K gold.

My Medallions are intended to give support and strength – reinforcing intentions, help stick to resolutions. We have chosen the stones with consideration of different aspects, matching each stone to a zodiac sign, time of birth (so called Birth Stones), chakra, dominant planet, colour, influence on the body and mind, even the intentions they express.
But that is not all – we have done more. All our stones, gathered together, complement each other, creating a collection which is an integral whole.

A talisman, a symbol of being in touch with oneself, a decorative motivator, or just beautiful jewellery?
What will My Medallions be for you? – you will decide yourselves.
We guarantee that they are objects of the highest quality, that they have been created with passion and a strong intention to bring luck.

The power of stones
Crystals, minerals, and precious stones are some of the best organised structures in nature. Quantum physics proves that all of matter at a basic level is nothing more than vibrating strings of energy. Stones (particularly precious stones), similarly as the human organism, have their own, unique vibration. The frequency the emit, as it were, picks up on the irregularities and balances them, restoring harmony in the human body. They extract the excess and add energy where it is lacking.
Every stone is comprised of a network of rhythmic vibrating atoms. On contact with the human body, this cumulated electromagnetic energy stimulates the nerve cells for them to vibrate at a similar frequency. Minerals have a higher frequency, measured in MHz, than the frequency of a healthy individual (approx. 62-68 MHz). If a person is ill and their vibrations are reduced – contact with a stone raises them to a higher level. Quantum physics proves that such stimulation is capable of activating the secretion of appropriate substances in the brain, due to which the body is stimulated to self-heal faster and more effectively. In turn, a healthy organism is then maintained at good level. In a nutshell: contact with stones is also perfect, non-invasive prophylaxis.

Colour: Pink
Zodiac sign: Libra
Month of greatest activity: (at which time greater attention should be given to it as it vibrates most strongly for this zodiac sign): September/October
Planet: Venus
Element: Air
Affirmation: I AM LOVE
Chakra: Heart (Green)
Fourth chakra – centre of the energy of love, compassion, care, patience, forgiveness, generosity, and goodness. When imbalanced, we feel impatient, bitter, lonely, jealous, become suspicious and often cruel. We are overwhelmed with a fear of rejection, while our relationships with loved-ones deteriorate. Essential oils and herbs which help balance the Heart chakra: rose, lemon balm, liquorice, white sage

This stone strengthens the heart, regulates heart rhythm. Some believe that it prevents heart attacks. It is used as an aid in the event of blood diseases (also when prone to bruising), also strengthening blood vessels. It has a stimulating effect on the regeneration of reproductive organs, improves fertility, activates sexual forces. It has soothing, calming qualities, helps to fall asleep, relieves headaches and reduces cold symptoms. Adds beauty and radiance to the skin.

Psyche: Rose quarts helps build harmonious and complete relations with people and nature. It helps us see the true intentions of others, to appreciate the beauty in the smallest things or events. It also helps us read our own feelings and aids in making the right decisions. It is called the “love stone”, this not being about the love between two people, but about a wider relation toward the whole world, full of compassion, selflessness, and joy. It helps to dispose of fear, resentment, guilt.

Energy: When kept under your pillow, rose quartz will help eliminate nightmares. It results in being surrounded with love, which we then take with us everywhere we go.

How to use it: It is best worn on the body or kept in a pocket. It is also beneficial when using it to touch, massage the face. Rose quartz can be submerged in drinking water and be used during meditation.

How to care for it: Cleanse the stone under running water, discharge with the use of hematite, charge with quartz crystal or in amethyst.

*Chakras are subtle energy centres and sections of our energetic body. The word Chakra literally means “wheel” or “disc”. It is believed that chakras are the power centres in the body, vibrating with energy.

*Some minerals, crystals, or metals are universal – meaning that they effect all the chakras (or the greater majority of them). These include quartz crystal, titanium quartz, diamond, and silver.

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