An exceptional, 4-day program, which includes yoga twice a day,
all set in the fairytale surroundings of Komierowo Palace.

Every day of the Yoga Retreatment begins early with a healthy juice, followed by a pranayama and yoga session. With this you can gently move from night to day, liven up your body after you wake, and invigorate your mind. The pranayama proposed by our teacher, the breathing techniques, often have a greater stimulating power than a cup of coffee, while the series of sun salutations to start the morning will give you energy, let you stretch, and feel better in your own body. Significant is the fact that the sessions take place in a room with a view of the park. The room being glazed from floor to ceiling allows you to watch nature coming to life, accompanied by birds singing and perhaps even a deer running along in the distance.

The yoga sessions take place also in the afternoons. The session vary, so there is no question of boredom. Sometime more intense, sometimes less, but without unnecessary exertion. And finally, there is also a laughter yoga session, laughter at will, which brings about the same reaction in our bodies as natural laughter. A good mood guaranteed!


1. 3 nights in the boutique, family run Komierowo Palace hotel

2. Vegetarian or vegan menu in the spirit of slow food

3. Daily yoga sessions led by certified teacher

4. Meditation and breathing exercises

5. Deeply relaxing bowl and gong concert

6. One massage session



Why all this? The practice of yoga twice a day can really change your life, or at least your wellbeing. Deep stretching stimulates the nervous system, improving the quality of sleep, eliminating shakiness, and bringing a sense of internal peace. Asanas gently strengthen the muscles and facilitate lymph circulation resulting in improved immunity and an elimination of swelling. You will suddenly forget about back pain and a stiff body. Also important is the fact that your body becomes slimmer. Every time you stand on the mat you get the opportunity to see within yourself. Yoga sessions sometimes release hidden emotions, which you finally have the chance to experience. You begin to feel who you really are and what you need. It is a priceless experience.


Yoga is the essence of the program, but there is more – during your Yoga Retreatment getaway you can make use of the attractions offered by Komierowo Palace at will. Maybe Enjoy the sauna or relax in the hot tub. During the winter those who are braver have the opportunity of ice swimming in the lake in the park grounds. The euphoric feeling which appears in the body after submerging yourself in the freezing water remains with you for a good few hours. Try it! It s also worth going for a walk in the picturesque park filled with centuries-old oaks or jog along a specially prepared path. The program also includes time for a body massage, which will bring you even closer to a sense of bliss and pampering.


Two hour gong sessions in the evening will complete the sense of relaxation.  Gong concerts are also called gong baths because they give a sense of being totally embraced by sound. The low vibrations of gongs lead the cells in the body into vibration, massaging you from within, helping to eliminate the toxins from them. They also have an influence on brain waves which enter into an alpha state, or even theta, that is, a deep relaxation characteristic of meditation. During the session your mind may experience amazing visions, see images, which will be a beautiful and cleansing experience.


Accompanying you during the entire the getaway is a sense of absolute comfort and of living in the lap of luxury. All due to the stylish interiors of the Komierowo Palace. Discreet service staff will make sure that nothing is a miss in your room. The ultra-comfortable bed and cosy bedding, which you can immerse yourself in after the gong concert, will guarantee a deep, regenerating sleep. After the four days at Komierowo Palace you will be perfectly rested, relaxed, and regenerated. You will feel blissfully pampered. On completing the program you will feel a surge of vitality and definitely more internal serenity.


After four days I left Komierowo good as new. I was charmed by not only the comfort, but mainly by the welcoming, warm atmosphere. The Yoga Retreatment program allowed me to get back in touch with myself, to free my mind from compulsive thinking, and to distance myself from everything that so absorbs the psyche. I felt a great energy within me.
As part of Yoga Retreatment, under the watchful eye of a professional yogi, you will get away from the everyday and catch your breath.


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We will cordially welcome guests at Komierowo Palace – our historic family estate, transformed into a luxurious boutique hotel.

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