for beginners and advanced

The Yoga&Golf program is something for those who are looking for an active holiday
combined with relaxation and contact with nature
in the most picturesque edition.

Both yoga and golf take place in an unhurried rhythm, impose the here and now mode, and deepen your inner well-being. It is a perfect combination, although not obvious. The unique Yoga&Golf program gives the first opportunity in Poland to practice both of these passions together.

Each day of your Yoga&Golf trip starts with a yoga session that will gently help you wake up, energize your body and prepare it for the effort on the golf course. Then it’s breakfast time, followed by golf lessons that last for several hours. You will learn the technique of the game and golf etiquette in order to take the green card exam at the end of your trip. After the golf lesson, you will have lunch, and then free time, which is worth using, for example, for a drive to the nearby lake. Each of the participants of the trip will also have the opportunity to experience a blissful massage on their own skin (dates will be agreed individually). A pre-dinner yoga session will gently stretch your tired body after a day of exercise. It will allow you to calm down and regenerate. In the evening you will be blissfully immersed in the soft bedding to gather strength for another exciting day.


1. 6 nights in comfortable houses on the premises of the Kalinowe Pola Golf Club

2. Full board vegetarian in the spirit of slow food, water and teas with meals

3. 6 hour yoga sessions with Jimmy Sarubabh, a yogi from India

4. Massage

5. Insurance

6. A welcome surprise

7. Dinner by the lake

8. Wine tasting with dinner at a local vineyard


23-29 August

Place: Kalinowe Pola Golf Club

Departure will take place with a minimum number of 10 people,
minimum 8 people for a green card.


For beginners
20-hour golf course with a green card exam (lectures, golf lessons, playing on a 6-hole golf course, Green Card exam, care of a PGA Polska coach, golf equipment, training balls, one round on a 9-hole course), additionally for those willing to pay a fee to the Polish Golf Association,

For advanced:
6 days of unlimited golf on the 18-hole golf course, balls on the driving range, possibility of individual lessons with a coach for an additional fee.


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We want to disenchant you with golf, which many people associate with boring activity for older men. Meanwhile, golf is much, much more. You will be delighted with the contact with nature by traversing the field from hole to hole, and staying in silence among lush green hills will calm you down and increase your inner bliss. It absolutely does not mean boredom! You will have the opportunity to experience a bit of adrenaline, competing with others, but also yourself and your limitations. Walks on the golf course encourage conversation, and contact with other people will put you in a positive mood. Playing golf for many hours will also allow you to tire yourself pleasantly. It will strengthen the body, but it will also affect the mind. Accurate punching the ball into the hole requires concentration, real being here and now. Exercise and being outdoors will make you feel more light and happy. Just luck.


The Yoga&Golf trip is intended for both beginners and advanced. If you are a beginner, you will take twenty lessons of golf (as opposed to the standard ten in such courses), which will culminate in a green card exam, necessary for future use of the golf course on your own. Each participant will also have the option of individual classes with an instructor to improve the technique of the game and dispel any doubts that arise during learning.

On the other hand, people with a golf handicap during the trip get unlimited access to the 18-hole golf course for six days to enjoy the pleasure of the game as much as they want. Together with beginners from the group, they participate in yoga classes to improve their fitness and quality of golf.


Yoga is the perfect complement to golf. The more flexible you are, the better you play, and the better you do with the famous golf swing. In addition, the body, sore from the effort in the field, asks for deep stretching, which can only be given by a well-arranged sequence of asanas on the mat. The calming power of yoga also improves your ability to concentrate. Thanks to this, a precise ball into the hole becomes more achievable.


Trips take place in Kalinowe Pola, a picturesque golf course located in the Lubuskie Voivodeship, away from all the hustle and bustle. The intense green of the hills soothes, the omnipresent silence enhances the feeling of inner peace. Additionally, the entire golf course is surrounded by wonderful forests. A walk among pine or birch trees is the best remedy for any stimulation caused by city life or the constant use of smartphones. Two kilometers from the golf course, there is also the beautiful Niesłysz lake, where you can take a bath. Weather permitting, yoga classes will be held outdoors, so that the feeling of unity with nature is even more complete.


The Yoga Retreatment program allowed me to regain contact with myself, free my head from intrusive thoughts and distance myself from everything that absorbs the whole psyche. I felt a great energy inside me.
The program allowed me to regain contact with myself, free my head from intrusive thoughts and distance myself from everything that absorbs the whole psyche. I felt a great energy inside me.


It’s understandable that you may feel a little less confident in new places, especially when there are additional skills involved that you don’t already have. However, the atmosphere in Kalinowe Pola is so friendly that no guest will feel embarrassed here, even if they are just taking their first steps in golf.

Modern, air-conditioned cottages located by the golf course will provide you with comfort, so that you can truly relax after a day of activity. During the trip, a vegetarian slow food menu will be served, composed of the best local products. Thanks to this, lightness and an inflow of vitality are practically guaranteed.


You can rent bikes on site, which is worth trying, because the area is perfect for rides. An afternoon swim in the lake will help your body relax after an active day on the golf course. If swimming is not enough for you, Kalinowe Pola also offers water equipment, as well as badminton and boule equipment.


In the era of Covid-19, many of us are looking for an idea for a vacation that, in addition to rest, will ensure our safety. Both golf and yoga allow you to enjoy contact with others, but maintaining the principles of social distance. Golf is a social sport, yet it allows you to follow the rules developed during a pandemic. Enjoy meeting other people without fear that it may harm us. Yoga is practiced on separate mats that are placed at considerable distances from each other. It is also worth noting that in the Lubuskie Voivodeship, the lowest Covid-19 incidence rate in Poland was recorded. However, in order to be able to maintain the highest safety standards, we ask our guests to bring their own exercise mats for the trip.


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