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Who can play golf?

Everyone! If you want to get some exercise, love contact with nature, like rivalry, but also appreciate tranquillity, golf is for you. Depending on your needs, a golf course can provide you with an amazing adrenaline rush or with a total chill out.

Who is this getaway for?

The getaway is for both beginners, who will participate in a special green card course culminated in an exam and issue of a card authorising you to use golf courses, and for advanced players who want to play 18 hole rounds daily.

Can I go if I have no idea about golf?

Absolutely yes! During 20 (not 10, like during other courses) classes you will learn the game basics and rules of safe movement around a golf course.

I have been playing golf for a long time. Can I take part in the getaway?

For advanced players the program includes six days of unlimited golf on the 18 hole Kalinowe Pola course and balls for the driving range. Additionally, the program includes the general agenda, as for remaining participants: 10 yoga sessions with Jimmy, a massage, vegetarian full board in the spirit of slow food.

What should I take with me?

Take golf apparel: polo shirts, comfortable trousers, shorts, or a skirt not shorter than mid thigh length. Also useful will be a raincoat and windbreaker, a hat, sunscreen and mosquito spray. For the yoga sessions, take your mat and clothes which will not hamper your movements.

Where will I live?

In air-conditioned hotel bungalows which situated on the grounds of Kalinowe Pola.

What attractions await me in the area?

The area is surrounded with beautiful forests which are perfect for riding your bike, and 2 km away lies lake Niesłysz, where you can go swimming or do water sports. We also have a badminton court and soccer field, and boules equipment.

Where is Kalinowe Pola?

In the lubuskie voivodeship, 110 km from Poznan, 49 km from Zielona Gora, and  420 km from Warsaw. Kalinowe Pola is easily accessible using the freeway.

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