After many years of intense work for corporate companies, I felt an immense need to slow down, step back, regenerate my body, pursue my dreams, and truly live, here and now. With that, I decided to create my own space which combines passion, lifestyle, and a will to share what is best with the world. This is how the Yoga Retreatment came to be, bringing together all my favourite ways to rest and relax: yoga, meditation, gong concerts, contact with nature, and spending time in a beautiful and incredibly comfortable place.

Many years of experience in working with luxury brands, as well as a natural strive for perfection, allowed me to create a program perfect in every detail. Along the way I came across many wonderful people with whom I refined its concept. Also, at my disposal, was my family estate, Komierowo Palace, beautifully restored to a boutique hotel, located in the picturesque area of the Tuchola Forest. I take pleasure in sharing all that is good with others, and wanted people to discover the amazing effects of yoga, especially when practiced in a beautiful and perfectly comfortable location.

To fully regenerate, I believe that you also have to feel good. With my holistic perspective and love of comfort, I created a program which I also participate in with pleasure.


A yogi from New Delhi who has cooperated with Bollywood stars. After arriving in Poland three years ago, he settled in Słupsk. He teaches yoga during the Yoga Retreatment getaways at Komierowo Palace, as well as teaching the online Yoga Retreatment Live classes.

Sessions with Jimmy are an opportunity to experience original yoga right out of India, without any Western influences, where breathing is just as important and the sequence of asanas. This practice strengthens the body, making it more flexible, but without being put through the ringer, which we so often unconsciously put ourselves through on the day to day, and which is worth taking a break from. There is also place for a touch of humour, especially when twisting our bodies into complicated asanas.

Jimmy is also an Ayurvedic therapist. He not only has a perfect awareness of how the body functions, but also has the rare ability of seeing people from a holistic perspective. These skills allow for the asanas proposed by him to bring exceptional benefits to everyone.


Adam is an explorer, a traveler. On the outside, a fledgling musician and photographer, a gourmet of impressions in the field of psychology, culture and art, and inside a thinker, observer and yogi.

Adam’s curiosity about the world, its discovery, at some point in his life was turned inward, to get to know a new, as it turned out, world – still present, but as if untouched, silent. That moment was yoga. It allowed him to stop, look at his own body, understand its possibilities and limitations, as well as listen to the rhythm of breathing, heartbeat and feel more signals in the body that are favorable in everyday life – a kind of inner voice. Yoga allows him to maintain contact with this voice, for balance, for peace.

Adam completed the Yoga Alliance course in 2013 (RYT 500) and for the last few years he has been teaching in various studios in Warsaw: Yoga Żoliborz, Anya Yoga, Shakti, Equanimus. He participated in many workshops, e.g. with Lois Steinberg, Jaki Nett, Gulnaaz Dashti, Natasza Moszkowicz, Jurek Jagucki and Henryk Liśkiwiecz. In his practice and teaching, he came closest to the Iyengar methodology due to its precision, focus of attention, a kind of contemplation, as well as a wide range of possibilities – from strengthening the body, reviving it, making it more flexible, through centering and focusing the mind to general relaxation and inner silence .


We are Prahumira. On the one hand, Pra as Truth, Prime Mother or Earth, and on the other, Ra as Joy and Light. Both sides connected by Sound (Hu) and Love (Mi). Our names are Kasia and Mieszko. We play and create in Love. We help and support beings in experiencing the fullness of life and realizing their potential through sound.

During our concerts – journeys in sound, we combine various instruments from the world, which is why we touch many spaces within ourselves. From deeply rooting sounds like didgeridoo or drum, to sublime and opening like crystal harp and handpan. During concerts, we go through different lands, and this journey is accompanied by various feelings. We can feel like in the womb of mother Earth, when we are standing on top of a mountain or rising above the clouds. The music is both calm and dynamic.

The full set of instruments we use is a shaman drum, didgeridoo, koshi and zaphir bells, voice, gong, gong drum, handpan, crystal harp, rain stick, Tibetan bowls, shruti box. We create the whole concert for the highest good of all of us.

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